ministry with children

The children who are a part of Smithville FCC are cherished and beloved, and we take seriously our responsibility as a congregation to raise them in a covenant of trust, safety, and intentionality. As such, children are welcome in any aspect of our congregation's life.

On Sunday mornings, many children take part in worship. We recognize, though, that our more traditional worship can be difficult for these little ones to engage. So, we have two helpful ways of including them:

  • If parents would like for their children to be part of worship, but would like for their kids to have something enriching to help them connect, there are red activity bags with age-appropriate materials in them for children, available at anytime throughout every worship service. 
  • We also have a program called "Children Worship and Wonder," in which highly trained biblical storytellers help our kids to worship in a different part of our building. Children Worship and Wonder is a montessori style curriculum, and encourages within our children their individual creativity while providing them with the foudational stories that are the cornerstones of our faith. This program is one of the finest our church has, and has been invaluable in helping our children learn and grow. 

Throughout the year, we have many other activities for children and young families, including: Vacation Bible School, family movie nights, fellowship meals, Easter Egg Hunt, and an annual Advent Program.