our covid-19 plan

Our Re-Opening Team and Board have put much work, research, thought, and prayer into our SFCC Re-Opening & Response Plan.  The move to Phase 3.5 of our plan was approved by the SFCC Board on 11/15/21 and is currently in effect.  The full plan can be seen and/or downloaded below. 

Highlights include:

We are currently in Phase 3.5 of the plan, which includes:  

  • No occupancy limits for worship, meetings, etc.
  • Masks are still required for all groups of more than 20 people, including Sunday morning worship, regardless of vaccination status. 
  • Meals may now take place in the building with modifications (spread out tables, less chairs per table, overflow seating if needed, no self-serve buffet lines, masks off while eating only).
  • The nursery and children's worship & wonder will reopen as soon as volunteers and/or staff are in place. (We will announce when this is the case).
  • All classes and activities may return/resume as long as they operate within these guidelines
  • Groups of 20 people or less may make masking optional for vaccinated individuals IF the group votes unanimously to do so AND social distancing is practiced within the group.
  • In Phase 3.5 we will still refrain from passing plates and other items during worship -- prepackaged communion will be served, offerings will be accepted online and in trays at the sanctuary doors, etc.    
  • We will move into Phase 4 when the Covid-19 committee and SFCC Board determine that it is the right time (based on case counts, additional guidance by the CDC, and availability of vaccinations for children younger than 5). 
  • Phase 4 will remove the mask requirement and other limitations. 
  • When we move to Phase 4, we will notify the church and wider community in advance.