our covid-19 plan

Our Re-Opening Team and Board have put much work, research, thought, and prayer into our SFCC Re-Opening & Response Plan.  The move to Phase 3 of our plan was approved by the SFCC Board on 5/17/21 and is currently in effect.  The full plan can be seen and/or downloaded below. 

Highlights include:

  • We are currently in Phase 3 of the plan, which includes:  mandatory masks for all groups larger than 20 people, including Sunday worship, and no occupancy limits or reservations required.  Groups of 20 or less may make masks optional IF THEY: agree by unanimous vote AND practice physical distancing.  
  • In Phase 3 we will still refrain from passing plates and other items during worship -- prepackaged communion will be served, offerings will be accepted online and in trays at the sanctuary doors, etc.  Some areas of the sanctuary will be set up for physical distancing for those who still prefer that seating arrangement.   
  • We will move into Phase 4 when the Covid-19 committee and SFCC Board determine that it is the right time (based on case counts, additional guidance by the CDC, and availability of vaccinations for children younger than 12). 
  • Phase 4 will remove the mask requirement and other limitations. 
  • When we move to Phase 4, we will notify the church and wider community in advance.