Our History:

Meetings of Christians in Smithville began in 1827 in groves of trees and in individuals homes. One such group met in a one-room log home, located just west of the current church building. Most of these people came from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. 

In 1843, we wrote a charter and became known as "The Church of Christ." There were nineteen members at that time. Our first building was finished in 1848 and was a one-room brick church located approximately in the middle of the current intersection of Bridge and Church Streets; Bridge Street did not exist at that time and a covered bridge crossed the river east of the church. 

The original church had two doors, one for women to enter and sit on the east side and one, for men, on the west. The seats consisted of sawed boards, and candles were used for lighting. The Church had no musical instruments, but worshipers loved to sing by using a tuning fork to find their pitches! 

Sometime in the 1860s, the ladies of the congregation raised money with a musical program to purchase a large bell, which was placed in the churchyard. The bell was purchased at a cost of $60, and was used to call people to worship, announce special meetings and programs at the Church, and for community gatherings. 

After thirty-six years, the first building was torn down to make room for a new building in 1886, needed in order to accomodate growth of the church. The second building was located on the corner of Church and Bridge Street, slightly northeast of the first building. The bell from the churchyard of the first building was placed in the bell tower of the new building. 

That second building was razed in 1926, and the bricks from it were cleaned and reused in our present building, which was finished in 1927. Again, that wonderful church bell was replaced in the bell tower of the new church. Seventy years later, we saw that our beautiful building was holding up well, but we again needed more space. In 1998 we built an addition that included a new kitchen and fellowship hall, new classrooms, and most importantly an elevator, so that all people could enter our new building for worship with ease. 

The year 2018 marked our church's 175th birthday. The bell that began ringing in the 1860s continues to ring today in our tower, calling all people to praise and faithfulness.