About Us:

If you were to walk into Smithville First Christian on any given Sunday morning, you'd notice a few things:

  • You're welcome here just as we would welcome any member of our family. From the greeters at the door to the people sitting next to you in the pews, we're a church that believes that practicing our faith means showing hospitality to each person we meet. 
  • We don't check our brains at the front door. We're a church committed to walking with each other on our different journeys in faith. We do this by encouraging our children and youth to learn more about the Bible, about Jesus and about God, and by asking our adults to commit to lives of learning and study. 
  • We have many opportunities for you to engage in a life of service and to give back. When we say "give back," we mean in three ways: giving back to our church, giving back to our community, and giving back to our world. We give of the time, talents, and resources that God has given to us. 
  • The way we take Communion sets the pace for the way we do ministry: with arms wide open and with no qualifications. As Disciples of Christ, we welcome all to the table of God where bread and cup make us one in the body of Christ. You are welcome, regardless of _____________ (fill in your own blank). By knowing that God welcomes each of us without qualification, we come to know to that we're each called to welcome others from all experiences and walks of life. 
  • We are an old church in a new way. FCC has roots that stretch as far back as 1827, and yet we know that our history is only as strong as the stories it helps us to live today. We are searching and growing in the 21st century, and we're doing that by growing closer together in community and by boldly stepping into the future that God has for us here in Smithville. 

We are committed to each of these values and we strive each day to live as the people God has called us to be. We're not always perfect and we're don't always agree. And yet, we know that as the Body of Christ we need one another. We walk with each other. We cry and we laugh together. We are Smithville Christian Church.